Tube Bundle Fabrication/ Retubing

It is common in for shell and tube heat exchanger to have some tube punctures/ damages after years of service; due to prolong expansion (heating) and contracting (cooling) during operation, accumulation of scaling/ fouling over the years and insufficient/ ineffective preventive maintenance.
In such circumstances, we have the expertise, tools, and materials to help to repair such situation by retubing, where we identify the damaged tubes, pull out the tubes and install new identical tube in.
Inserting Tube
Tube Bundle
2.3 Fabricating
2.3 Inserting Tubes
In the event of most of the tubes are in bad condition or damaged while the shell is in good condition, we would recommend to carry out whole tube bundle fabrication for replacement.
By providing the mechanical drawing which has the information about material of construction (M.O.C.), number of tubes, type of tubes, tube pitch, baffles etc, we can fabricate an exact unit for replacement at a much economical cost as compared to getting a brand-new unit.
For obsolete units where no information is available, we can opt for pulling out the tube bundle and take physical measurement on site.