On top of our own core business, we further diversified and complement our core business area by getting dealership and support from respective principals to serve wider range of products to our customers.
Since early 2000s, we become the dealer for Thermax India and successfully introduce this new technology to the market about vapor absorption chillers (VAC), which is a green machine as compared to electric chiller. V.A.C uses heat source from natural gas, recover heat low pressure/ high pressure steam, hot water circuit or exhaust gas to energise the chiller instead of using electricity to power compressor.
Moving forward, since year 2017, in order to adapt to market transition and demand, we start to look into electrical chiller as alternative. With our vast experience and reputation in the chilling industry, we became the authorised dealer for Daikin & Acson’s products to supply and integrate into our designed chilling system.

Besides chillers, we also can supply AHU, FCU, and Air-conditioning units