Cooling Tower Water Treatment

What is Cooling Tower System?

Cooling tower system is widely used in commercial sector, like hotels, corporate building, shopping malls etc, as part of the HVAC (heating, ventilation air conditioning) system. It supports water-cooled chiller to generate chilled water to supply to the centralised air-conditioning unit producing cool air for the spaces. Cooling water is used as the cooling media to cool down the refrigerant in the chiller condenser.

On the other hand, cooling tower systems also play an important role in industrial utility. Cooling water and chilled water are commonly used in industry as cooling medium in their process depending on process design and requirement.

As the cooling tower system is often the heart to HVAC system and utility system, it is essential to carry out preventive maintenance and servicing to take care the condition of the system to have longer service time and minimise unexpected breakdowns, although it is often overlooked or neglected.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling tower water treatment is essential as part of the preventive maintenance, ensuring the water flowing in the system is as close to ‘neutral’ nature as possible is very important; neither too corrosive (low pH, high chlorine content, low alkalinity) or more prone to scale forming (high pH, high TDS and high alkalinity). Cooling water being corrosive will result in damaging the structure of the cooling tower systems, causing leakages across the system etc. Whereas, on the other hand, when the water is more prone to scale forming, it is like to affect the heat transfer efficiency and the operation of related equipment like water-cooled chiller/ heat exchanger if there is a layer of scale formed in the tubes.

Therefore, a good and well managed cooling water treatment programme is necessary. With our years of involvement and own formulated cooling tower water treatment chemicals, we are capable to assist to customised cooling water treatment based on each and own cooling tower system condition.

We help to calculate the dosage quantity and frequency (typically twice a month, or bi-weekly) based on the cooling tower system operating condition. And with taking on-site water pH and TDS reading during bi-monthly visiting, and monthly cooling water analysis, we analyse the effectiveness of the chilled water treatment programme and hence carry out adjustment on the dosage accordingly, if necessary.

Of course, we also offer the option of supplying the cooling water treatment chemicals (corrosion inhibitor, biocide, pH stabiliser) only, where the dosing is done by in-house technicians. We will provide training and suggest recommended dosage rate, followed by complimentary monthly water analysis.

Why do we need to do cooling tower water treatment?


Maintain the cooling tower efficiency and reduce the energy lost due to scales and sludge accumulation

Reduce system problems; scaling and fouling at chiller condenser due to sludge, which in turn affect chiller operation, compressor running high amp etc

Minimise growth of algae, micro-organism, bacteria

Prevent microbiological contamination, eg: Legionnaires Disease caused by Legionella Pneumonia bacteria

Prolong cooling tower structure mechanical integrity

Our standard cooling tower water treatment package:

  • Visit Twice Monthly for checking water quality in-situ and manage chemical dosing.
  • Check on the mechanical integrity of the cooling tower and notify any mechanical parts malfunctions.
  • Provide comprehensive monthly water analysis

Cooling Tower System Maintenance

We are more than usual cooling tower water treatment contractor, with our well-trained mechanical support team, we can support cooling tower system maintenance as well. This includes, cooling tower water basin cleaning, physical cleaning/ chemical cleaning of the infill, cooling tower fan bearing replacement, sprinkler head replacement etc.

Being capable in supporting both cooling water treatment and cooling tower system maintenance has made us a good support to our esteemed customers for the past years, providing solutions and continuous support to their cooling tower system.

Cooling Tower Infill Replacement

Cooling tower infill is the key component of the cooling tower as it creates the space and film to maximise the cooling water contact time with the ambient air. This is also one of the reasons why cooling water treatment is essential. Leaving cooling water untreated might results in severe scale formation on the infill surface hence affect the heat transfer efficiency, water flow pattern and lesser flow across the infill.

Scaled or dirty infill can be rectified by carry out physical cleaning or chemical cleaning, however, in the case where the scale is too thick and unable to deliver designed cooling capacity, cooling tower infill replacement should be taken into consideration.

Besides, cooling tower infill replacement will become a must if the integrity of the infill has been compromised, became brittle as the whole infill structure might be jeopardised/ collapsed. However, cooling tower infill replacement can only be considered if the cooling tower main structure and frame are still in not corroded and still in operable condition.

We also offer auto-dosing system (rent-to-own concept). Contact us now for an quotation.