Chemical Division

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Industrial: Supply full range of friendly industrial chemicals for-

  1. Cooling water & chilled water treatment -We do offer few types of systems to suit all the customers’ needs such as Manual, Semi-auto, and Auto dosing.
  2. Industrial degreasers
  3. Descaler/ rust remover
  4. Coil Cleaner

Household: Full range of Home-Care Products-

  1. Mildew remover
  2. Toilet bowl cleaner
  3. Friendly multipurpose cleaner
  4. Kitchen hood cleaner
  5. Stain remover
  6. Special air-conditioner product called “A-Clean” (Chemical Products)  for eliminating slime(bacteria),oxides in the evaporating coil & deodorizing the system.

Corrective :

Provides specialty formulated chemicals for chemical descaling on all types of heat exchangers,pressure vessels/boilers,cooling towers & piping systems.