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Chemical Division

We are also a cleaning chemical supplier, where we customise, and supply cleaning solution based on customer needs. By complementing our engineering division with strong chemical background, we are able to provide technical services to our customers both chemically and mechanically. With our team strong chemistry background and years of experience, we have successfully developed numbers of specialized chemical products which are widely accepted and approved by the industries. Our product range has expanded from general household cleaning, utility maintenance to specialty chemicals and are formulated based on 4 main factors: Simple, Affordable, Friendly and Effective (S.A.F.E)

Heat Exchanger Chemical Cleaning/ Industrial System Descaling

When heat transfer efficiency of a heat exchanger dropped, and unable to deliver desired cooling capacity, it is often due to the scale/ sludge formation in the tubes, which usually contributed by the minerals and dissolved solid in the water when it is left untreated or ineffective water treatment programme. Hence, the go-to solution is usually heat exchanger chemical cleaning/ physical cleaning.


A good de-scaler is required to protect the metal surface while effectively remove water-based scale and yet safe to the user during the cleaning process. Hydrochloric acid or sulphamic acid is often used in heat exchanger chemical cleaning, however, these de-scalers might corrode the metal surface if the concentration is not being well controlled, and strong fume released during the cleaning process possess health hazard, proper PPE and good ventilation is therefore necessary to have a safe working place. Besides, without additional active ingredients like surfactants or chelating agents, acidic de-scaler is only capable to remove the top layer carbonates scale and may not be able to penetrate through the layer and remove the scale/ sludge thoroughly.


Therefore, we have specially curated E1 (Non-Toxic Powerful Descaler) that addressed these issues and yet deliver excellent cleaning/ descaling effect. We have carried out many heat exchanger chemical cleaning/ system descaling with own Aircon Chemical Cleaner or chemical cleaning procedure for our esteemed customers over the past 20 years and the cleaning outcome is often satisfactory where the approach temperature has improved significantly.

E1-Non Toxic Powerful De-scaler -C.I.P/ chemical cleaning for Heat Exchangers/ Cooling Tower system


  • Super effective in removing water-based scale
  • Well inhibited product, not corrosive to skin nor base metal surface
  • Formulated with chelating and surfactant to have great synergistic effect during cleaning
  • Spent solution can be handle by wastewater treatment plant after neutralisation
  • 100% Water soluble, rinse off by water easily


E2- Neutralizing and Passivating Agent

  • To neutralise system after C.I.P or chemical cleaning to remove balance chemical in the system.
  • Also to passivate and protect the metal surface to prevent flash oxidation after de-scaling, exposing the bare metal surface to air and moisture

E1 or other acidic descaler are effective in removing water-based scales (mainly carbonates), however it is not the case for other nature deposit such as petroleum-based, tacky deposit and carbonised palm oil. For such aplication, we have thoughtfully curated the following products to be used in the heat exchanger Aircon Chemical Cleaner process instead.


DC-1 – De-Carboniser

  • Widely use in Palm oil industry
  • For systems/ vessels/columns with carbonised palm oil due to high temperature process
  • Superb cleaning effect with our recommended decarbonising procedure at elevated temperature along with sodium hydroxide solution

Nat-Solv II (Industrial Solvent-Based Heavy Duty Degreaser)

  • Remove stubborn sticky and tacky petroleum-based stain which is unable to remove by steam/ physical means due to it tacky nature
  • Applicable for petrochemical industry
  • Stable solvent compound under ambient temperature, low volatility hence easier handling during cleaning process

Specialty Industrial Cleaning Chemical

Besides heat exchanger/ system chemical cleaning, we are also specialty cleaning chemical supplier where we provide chemical for customer cleaning processes, for example, process parts cleaning or preventive maintenance cleaning like conveyor belt cleaning.
Our approach is always understanding customer cleaning need, process background and cleaning procedure/ operation before we could suggest a product for them. For new project, we always practice testing out sample pieces in our lab in order to get real-time results and recommend the most optimum cleaning procedure.


EL-1 – Industrial Degreaser Cleaner

  • Best for industrial parts cleaning, especially for greasy parts like conveyor belt chain, bearing
  • Concentrated formulation, capable of removing stubborn grime and grease.
  • May be re-use for couples of cycles of cleaning depending on the condition
  • Friendly product and water soluble compared to conventional cleaning using Diesel
  • Better waste management


Nat Solv : Heavy Duty Natural Solvent Degreaser

  • Can be used in ultrasonic bath for parts cleaning
  • Very good cleaning effect and low volatility
  • Good for electronic parts degreasing as it will not leave water mark after cleaning

Gloves industry

Glove Holder Cleaning Chemical

As years go by, we continued our research and development, our latest product is glove holder cleaning chemical for glove manufacturing process. Glove manufacturing involves thousands of former and holder, glove former is cleaned on-line during process to remove the balance coating and debris before putting on the new coating or rubber material for next cycle of production.


Glove holder cleaning is important too, as it ensure smooth rotation of the former and to maintain glove holder in good condition for pro-longed service life. Therefore, glove holder cleaning/ maintenance is also necessary when production line is stopped for maintenance. Glove manufacturers will either opt for glove holder cleaning by own maintenance team or contract the cleaning to their respective holder supplier as a whole package.


There are 2 type of glove holder cleaning chemical that we supply, which is acidic or alkaline based in nature to target different type of stain on the holder. Acidic based cleaner is more to tackle rusty concern while alkaline based cleaner is for greasy and grime stain. As the glove holder’s material of construction and manufacturing process chemistry differ from one another, therefore, we practice getting representative holder samples and try out the holder cleaning process in our lab before proposing the most suitable glove holder cleaning chemical and recommended cleaning processes.



  • Alkaline-based cleaner curated to clean glove holder which is full of grease, grime and other compound from the process
  • Short cleaning time and yet effective
  • Concentrated and may reuse for few cycles before dispose
  • Less schedule waste generation
  • Solvent free, non-flammable
  • water soluble, rinse off by water



  • Acidic-based cleaner in removing rust-type of stain on glove holder
  • Short cleaning time and yet effective
  • Concentrated and may reuse for few cycles before dispose
  • Less waste generation
  • Water soluble, rinse off by water

Glove Manufacturing QA Inspection Line Cleaning

In gloves manufacturing sector, the QA inspection line involve filling fixed volume of water into the gloves to ensure the glove size is within limit and is in good integrity. However, there might be volume reduction over the time if periodic line cleaning is not carried out and there is a layer of sludges/ slimes/scale deposited from the water.

As the tube is small in diameter, a thin layer of sludge as thin as 2-3 mm, will results in 20 – 30 ml lost in volume. Therefore, a periodic planned cleaning with our TXP (Industrial water scale/ sludge remover) is highly recommended. We may supply the cleaning chemical along with suggested cleaning procedure and frequency, or alternatively contract the cleaning to us, where we help to set up the cleaning loop and carry out the cleaning periodically.


TXP : Industrial water scale/ sludge remover

  • Designed to clean QA gloves inspection line effectively
  • Restore the loss of filling volume due to sludge accumulation
  • Suggest to do cleaning every 12 months as preventive maintenance

Building Maintenance/ Utility Management

On top of industrial specialty cleaning chemical, we have also been building maintenance cleaning chemical supplier, especially for the air-conditioning system, for the past years. We supply aircon coil cleaner (corrective maintenance), aircon anti slime agent (preventive maintenance), aircon cooling coil disinfectant (A-Clean) for hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls etc.


A1- Aircon Coil Cleaner

  • For AHU, FCU, Air cooled chiller condenser coil cleaning
  • To remove grime and oxide of aluminium and helps to restore surface brightness and shiny appearances.
  • Helps to improve the heat transfer efficiency and thus energy saving
  • Special formula enriched with “BIOSOL” to speed up the reaction
  • Incorporated with chelating agent to penetrate for deeper cleaning
  • Non-toxic, fume-less and no choking smell, hence will not leave any odour after cleaning and safe to the users
  • Alkaline based, non-corrosive nature, therefore will not attack the aluminium fin and coil


A Clean (Air-Cond Disinfectant) – AHU/Evaporating Coil De-sludge/Anti Slime Agent

  • Kill bacteria and sanitisecirculating indoor air and produce more hygienic and better indoor air quality.
  • Tested to Kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and germsagainst EN1040 and EN1275 (Chemical Disinfectant Standard)
  • To prevent/ minimise jelly and slime accumulationat evaporating coil and drain pan/ drain pipe, avoid messy leaking problem
  • Minimise slime formation due to bacteria on condensate pan and coils, less foul smell coming from air-conditioning.
  • Liquid based. Can be applied to the coil and drain pan
  • No strong odor,hence will not leave strong smell after application
  • pH 7.0- 7.5 :Non-corrosive or toxic, friendly to use
  • Easy to use :Just spray and leave it on the coil/ pan/ drain pipe
  • Eco-friendlyactive ingredient


Flow-X – Unclogging HVAC drain pipe blockage

  • To unclog choked/ blocked HVAC drain pipe due to jelly/ slime
  • Ready- To – Use (RTU) solution, no pre-mix required
  • Apply and spray on / pour solution into the drain pipe to soften and dislodge the jelly/ slime gradually
  • Effective to dislodge jelly and slime
  • Odourless, hence will not leave strong odour after application
  • Non-toxic and fume-less
  • Will not attack the piping material, PVC/ normal steel pipe