HVAC Servicing and Maintenance

What is HVAC System

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning) system refer to the overall system that function to provide well ventilated and controlled thermal condition in an enclosed area, like shopping mall, corporate buildings etc.

This system generally includes chillers (air cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller, water cooled package unit (WCPU)), cooling towers (if water cooled chiller is used), water pumps and different type air conditioning units like AHU or FCU. Chillers function to generate chilled water to cool the circulated air to pre-set temperature at AHU/ FCU units where it also has a blower to keep the air circulating and have good ventilation. Hence, as the heart of a building, it is essential to maintain all the components of the HVAC system periodically, in order to have well ventilated, cool air within the enclosed space.

HVAC Servicing

Assured Engineering technical team is capable and has been supporting the HVAC servicing and maintenance in the building maintenance industry for many years. Besides cooling water and chilled water treatment, we support ad hoc breakdown maintenance and contractual HVAC servicing. We repair and replace cooling tower parts, service water pumps/ overhauling, as well as chiller annual oil change and condenser tube cleaning.

On the other hand, for contractual HVAC servicing, we help to check and maintain the condition of AHU/FCU and sanitise the cooling coil with our signature air-conditioning disinfectant (A-Clean) on monthly basis. Besides, we also carry out chemical cleaning AHU/ FCU on quarterly or half-yearly basis based on the maintenance planning.

Monthly HVAC Servicing

  • Cleaning of drain pan and removal of slime from the drainpipe
  • Check on the airflow across the cooling coil
  • Check on moving parts, blower fan or actuator functionality
  • Observe for leakages
  • Complimentary cooling coil disinfection
  • Housekeeping of AHU/ FCU unit
  • Report faulty along with proposal

When AHU cooling coil is not being properly maintained, the cooling efficiency, air flowrate and circulating air quality will be affected and long term wise, the cooling coil might become brittle and beyond-repair condition. New AHU replacement unit hence become necessary, however, if the AHU frame, structure, and other ancillary parts, says blower, drain pan, actuator valves, piping are in operable condition, a change of new cooling coil only is highly recommended for cost optimisation. Our team will take physical measurement of the cooling coil and fabricate a duplicate unit for replacement. New AHU cooling coil replacement is definitely more cost saving, lesser down time and lesser engineering work compared to changing a whole new AHU unit.


AHU, FCU, Air- conditioning quarterly/ Annual contractual service


Cooling tower parts replacement: sprinkler heads, fan motor, motor bearing, fan belt etc


Cooling tower infill replacement


AHU new coil replacement


Water pumps repair: bearings, mech seal, pump shaft replacement etc