Cooling System Integration

Cooling System Integration

As a cooling specialist in the market, our technical team does more than servicing and maintenance for the cooling system. With years of handling and hands-on experience, we expanded our scope to carry out cooling system integration (cooling water or chilled water system) for our esteemed customers, be it a new or replacement system.

Our work scope include supply and install cooling towers, chillers, buffer tanks, and pumps as well as piping works integrating this equipment together. We helped to design the cooling system based on customer’s cooling requirement and footprint availability. We currently are the authorised dealers to Daikin and Acson chillers and air-conditioning units, hence we able to provide a wide range of capacity and different type chillers (water-cooled, air-cooled, evaporative condenser) and air-conditioning units to cater for different needs in commercial or industrials. Besides, we also built good relations with various cooling tower manufacturers, like Genius, Nihon Sphindle, TruWater, hence we are well supported to offer competitive pricing for the equipment, spare parts, and after-sale service for different projects.

Water-Cooled Chiller System

Water cooled chiller system also known as water cooling chiller, is a chiller unit where the refrigerant in condenser is cooled by cooling water. Water cooling chiller is often used when the cooling capacity requirement is high as it has higher energy efficiency, longer service life and relatively more stable operation compared to air-cooled chiller system. However, the down sides are higher capital investment and more maintenance involved as it has extra cooling tower and condenser water pumps to take care of.

Air-Cooled Chiller System

Air-cooled chiller system on the other hand is relatively simpler and more versatile in operation. It usually come in a packaged unit with running fan on top to draw ambient air to cool down the refrigerant via the finned tubes instead of cooling water. The advantages are it is cheaper and easier to maintain and can double the capacity by adding additional unit with slight modification. The disadvantages are its shorter life span and lower energy efficiency if it is not being maintained properly.

Evaporative Condenser System

Besides water-cooled and air-cooled chiller, chiller condenser refrigerant may also be cooled by evaporative means. Evaporative condenser system is not common in industry as it involves high initial capital investment. Evaporative condenser system external physical appearance and working principle are like cooling tower. The difference lies in the cooling of refrigerant is carry out in 1 stage instead of 2 stages: the refrigerant-filled condenser tubes is structured in the cooling tower directly with water constantly wetting on the condenser tube bundles. The cooling water is in circulation mode where it pump water from water basin and showering them from the top on to the tubes, returning to the bottom water basin. While ambient air is being drafted by top fan to cool the water stream, resulting in refrigerant condensing as the heat is rejected to the air.

This operation principles results in higher energy efficiency and lower energy consumption; therefore, it is cost saving in long run. Besides, it is potentially more space saving as they are compact system compared to the other 2 systems.

Cooling Tower System

Cooling tower system may function as utility supply equipment for cooling water in industrial or supporting equipment for water-cooled chiller system. Generally, there are 2 type of conventional cooling tower used in the industry, cross flow or counter flow. The classification is based on the flow pattern interaction between the ambient air-draft and cooling water return.

Cross-flow cooling tower is better designed for maintenance due to it accessibility into the internal structure from both sides, however it also results in larger footprint requires to place the unit. On the other hand, counter flow cooling tower is more space saving on ground but need more vertical space when the refrigeration tonnage is higher. Besides, it is harder to maintain due to limited accessibility. Therefore, the selection of right capacity and type of cooling tower must go through thorough study in terms of cooling requirements, footprint availability, installations, and ease of access for routine maintenance.

What do we do?


End-to-end Integration of whole cooling system, be it chilled water or cooling water

From selection of chiller model, cooling tower capacity, pumps sizing, buffer tank sizing to project execution and testing and commissioning

Authorised dealer for Daikin chiller

Supply various cooling tower brand, depending on customer preference, eg: Nihon Sphindle, TruWater, Genius, Liang Chi etc

Strong pre and post after sales service

Provide support for maintenance after project handing over: cooling water treatment, chilled water treatment, quarterly routine checking, annual overhaul, ah-hoc repair etc.
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3 Fabricate The System
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