To further diversify our business area and serve wider range of products to our customers,we also bring in other products from our respective principals.

Since early 2000s, we become the dealer for Thermax India who supplies vapor absorption chillers (VAC) and starting from year 2017, we become the Authorised dealer for Daikin & Acson’s products such as AHU,FCU,Chillers,Air-conditioning etc.

Vapor Absorption Chillers(VAC)

  • VAC is an alternative to electrical chiller
  • VAC is a static machine compared to conventional chiller hence the maintenance are minimized
  • It can be powered by various of heat source such as steam, hot water,exhaust gas or direct gas-fired.
  • a good application for energy saving/energy recovery project
  • green machine


Graphite Heat Exchangers And Parts

  • Graphite parts are often the substitute material when the operating condition is at high temperature and highly corrosive such as HCL pre-heater.
  • We can fabricate and supply customized equipment and parts
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