System/ Heat Exchangers Cleaning In Place (C.I.P)

We are specialised in conducting CIP for heat exchangers, tanks, or system to descale stubborn deposit formed on the surface. Throughout our years of servicing in the industry, we had long established our own methodology and procedure to have effective cleaning.
What made us different from other service provider is we are also specialised in chemicals/ cleaning products. To have effective and efficient cleaning in CIP, the choice of chemicals is the priority. With the knowledge of chemistry in tackling specific deposits/scale, our CIPs always effective compared to conventional CIP using traditional descaler, says Hydrochloric acid/ Sulphamic Acid.
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2.1 CIP At Factory Copy
Our signature product E1 (Powerful Non-Toxic Descaler) are a product specially formulated to remove stubborn water-based scale in the system. It is well inhibited, eg. It does not corrode the base metal, nor it corrode the user hands; does not release strong fumes/ odor, and yetit cleans effectively. This is because E1 is incorporated with other active ingredients as well: surfactant and chelating agents which are excellent in descaling process.
We welcome end user to share with us the stubborn deposits they are facing at site, and we will test it out in our lab and hence formulate a product for the application if possible. Just contact us now for any enquiries.


  • Own methodology and procedure for effective cleaning
  • Years of experiencing servicing different industries and systems
  • Tailor each C.I.P circulation system based on the system configuration and volume
  • High customer satisfactions
  • Specially formulated de-scaler, E1 to tackle water-based scale
  • Customise/ formulate descaling chemicals for other stubborn deposit nature by carry out testing in our lab. Contact us now for your enquiry
  • Quality Chemical products are generally water-based, no fumes/ strong odour that could be harmful to the users, well inhibited as such it will not corrode or thinning the base metal

Why/ When do we need C.I.P ?

  • Temperature profile out of range, eg temperature difference between in and out of the system is too small
  • Unable to achieve targeted temperature
  • Product quality out of specification due to insufficient or uneven cooling/ heating
  • Preventive/ Schedule maintenance, usually 12 – 18 months once
  • Physical cleaning for heat exchanger tube is not desirable due to lack of manpower, short down time, mechanical limitation etc.

What are the systems might requires cleaning ?

  • Plastic injection moulding machine
  • Aluminimun/ metal roller castor machine
  • Cooling tower
  • Heat exchangers
  • Process tanks
  • Others
  • Chiller condenser and evaporator