Cooling Tower Water Treatment Product

ASSC I/ II (Anti Scaling, Sludge, Corrosion Polymer)

  • Corrosion inhibitor, Dispersant polymer
  • higher TDS tolerance ( ~ 1,200 ppm) as compared to others at ~ 800ppm
  • higher number of cycle of concentration hence lower frequency of water blowdown, less water usage, operating cost saving
  • Phosphonate based product which is environmentally friendly compared to cheaper alternative like phosphate based.
  • Anti-rusting feature by forming a molecular film to protect the metal surface
  • Added dispersing polymer as one of the active ingredients to prevent suspended particles from clumping
  • Temperature stable polymer
  • pH and chlorine- stable, does not integrate when in use with oxidising biocide

AB-I- Non-Oxidizing Microbiocide


Free from gluteraldehyde/ formaldehyde which is toxic

Kills bacteria and microorganism effectively, especially Legionella Pneumophilia that causes Legionnaires Disease

AC-I- Oxidizing Microbiocide


Effectively kills microorganism, algaes, fungi and bacteria

Minimise the formation of slime and biofilm which will attach to the metal, form a barrier between corrosion inhibitor and metal surface

Without effective biocide, it will lead to metal degradation via corrosion

AK-X- Friendly Microbiocide


To complement our biocide programme

Strong and powerful microbiocide

For shock dosing and prevent microorganism immunity due to constant exposure to same type biocide