Specialized Chemical Products

With continuous and never ending experimenting and research,we have successfully developed numbers of specialized chemical products which are suitable for most of the problems faced by the cooling tower system. These products are widely accepted by the general industries. Our formulated products are Simple,Affordable,Friendly and Effective (S.A.F.E). Below show the list of common type of chemical products used. However, we do customize and formulate chemical products according to the system needs.

We also formulate chemicals/cleaning products for particular applications. Please kindly contact us for more information.

Industrial Water Treatment Products for Cooling Tower & Chilled Water

  • ASSCI– Cooling Tower Water Treatment Polymer
  • ASSCII-Cooling Tower Water Treatment Polymer
  • AB1– Non-Oxidizing Microbiocide for Cooling Tower & Air Washers
  • AC-1– Oxidizing Microbiocide for Cooling Tower & Air Washers
  • AK-X– Friendly Microbiocide for Cooling Tower,Air Washers & Paper Mills Application
  • P2(Closed Circuit System)-Master of Closed Loop Circuit Water System

HVAC Maintenance Chemicals

  • A1-Biodegradable Aluminium Coil Cleaner
  • A-Clean– AHU/Evaporating Coil De-sludge/Anti Slime Agent
  • Flow-X – Unclogging HVAC drain pipe blockage

HouseKeeping/ General Cleaning

  • Elite : Enchanced Multipurpose Cleaner
  • E-Clean : Easy Clean Non-Toxic Descaler
  • Deodor-X : Minimize Unpleasant Odor at the sewage
  • SHINE-X : Fumehood Degreaser

Industrial Specialty Products

  • E1-Non Toxic Powerful Descaler -Chemical cleaning for Cooling Tower system
  • E2– Neutralizing and Passivating Agent
  • XA-1 : Holder Cleaner
  • DC-1: Water Based Decarboniser

Solvent Based Chemical

  • Nat-Solv: Heavy Duty Natural Solvent Degreaser
  • Nat-Solv II
  • BT: Heavy Duty Water Soluble Industrial Degreaser